Dragon Awards Opens Voting


by Pete Richmond

The Second Annual Dragon Awards are now open for public nominations.

With the ceremony to be held at Dragon Con 2017 you have until the 24th July to get your nominations in.

The categories this year include:

– Best Science Fiction Novel

– Best Fantasy Novel (Including Paranormal)

– Best Young Adult/Middle Grade Novel

– Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel

– Best Alternate History Novel

– Best Apocalyptic Novel

Other categories include awards for TV shows, board games and video games.

The winners at last year’s inaugural ceremony include such top authors as Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. I don’t think you can ask for better company than that!

Head on over to the nomination page on their website to get your nominations in now. You can also sign up to be eligible to vote in the final ballot, and these are all open to the public with no membership or joining fee.

Voting for the finalists will begin in early August, we’ll keep you posted once the shortlists are live and voting begins.

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