Gower Signed by Angry Robot

by Pete Richmond

Angry RobotAngry Robot have announced the signing of a new author to their stable, Jasmine Gower.

Her debut novel, Moonshine, is scheduled for release by the publisher in February 2018 and follows the story of Daisy Dell.

Daisy has inherited the gift of magical power in the form of heirlooms from her grandmother, in a world where magic is prohibited. Continue reading


Featured Friday! Ste Sharp

Ste SharpSte Sharp was born in the hottest summer on record. The sun-god was happy and, by rights, Ste should have been sacrificed on the nearest beach, but he escaped. Twenty years later, with a degree in Ecology under one arm and a guitar under the other, Ste travelled the globe in search of tall tales and the perfect chord progression.

After sailing the seas with 16th century pirates, exploring the Brazilian jungle, living through the centuries as an immortal body-swapping alien and spending time with the ghosts of early Britons, Ste wrote Darwin’s Soldiers – his fifth novel.

With two young sons, Ste has roughly four minutes of spare time each day, during which he paints, writes and plays loud guitar in an indie band. Ste needs more hands. Continue reading

Review — Liefdom: A Tale from Perilisc by Jesse Teller

Liefdom ImagePrinces, fairies, wizards, demons—Liefdom brings you into a world where the lands of men, the fae, and Hell clash in an epic story about love, darkness, violence, and destiny.

The day the prince is born in a scene of blood and pain, the first warrior fairy in centuries is born outside of Liefdom, the fairy capital. Shunned by his city, Gentry Mandrake battles with his inherent love for his homeland and his people and the violent destiny he sees in his future to protect his child, the prince.

Continue reading

Tripp’s Top-Ten Science Fiction Worlds

by Tripp Bond

Science fiction, it is a genre highlighted by futuristic tech, strange new customs, and fiction grounded just so in real science that it seems plausible. All of these items draw us in to the wonderful worlds of science fiction, however, the worlds themselves seemingly have the strongest gravity of all. The reality created in a sci-fi story is what neatly ties together and packages everything else that gravitates us toward them. Here are our top ten sci-fi worlds. Continue reading