Out This Week! 13th January 2020

14th January 2020 - Archangel Rising - Evan Currie Archangel Squadron faces off against the forces of the brutal Protectorate to claim a prize, and save humanity, in a gripping novel of deep space jeopardy by the author of the Odyssey One series. At the helm of a commandeered freighter, Captain Steph Michaels has infiltrated... Continue Reading →

Out This Week! 6th January 2020

6th January 2020 - The Shadow Saint - Gareth Hanrahan With his acclaimed debut, The Gutter Prayer, Gareth Hanrahan introduced a world of sorcerers and thieves, broken gods and dangerous magic. Now this epic tale continues in The Shadow Saint, the gripping second novel in the Black Iron Legacy. As the Godswar draws ever closer... Continue Reading →

Jenni and Matt Save the Galaxy!

Some good news to end the year with! Last month, we wrote about San Diego genre bookshop, Mysterious Galaxy, who were looking for a last minute saviour to buy the business and prevent an immediate closure. In this current climate, we see independent bookshops closing every week and it seemed like this would be another... Continue Reading →

Trota Steps in to SFWA Role

Celebrated editor of Uncanny Magazine, Michi Trota, has been selected from a pool of candidates to step in to the vacant Editor-in-Chief role at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. The previous incumbent, Neil Clarke, stepped down earlier in the year. The position of Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the publication of The SFWA... Continue Reading →

Crossed Genres in Surprise Closure

The Small Independent Press, Crossed Genres, has announced its immediate closure. Described as an initial "indefinite hiatus" the expectation from the owners is that this will progress into a complete closure of the press. The unfortunate reason for the closure is the breakdown in relationship between the two editors, Kay Holt and Bart Leib. We... Continue Reading →

Out This Week! 16th December 2019

16th December 2019 - Devil's Blood - Shayne Silvers The greatest trick the First Vampire ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist. Before the now-infamous Count Dracula ever tasted his first drop of blood, Sorin Ambrogio owned the night…and now he's back. History collides in present-day New York City. The various supernatural factions... Continue Reading →

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