Review Guidelines

Zealot Script are currently hiring new members to our team to increase the number of reviews we can complete. Please bear with us as there will be delay in any reviews during this transition.


First off, we’d be delighted to review your book. We like to keep a broad mind when it comes to genres of books but we are a site that specialises in Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Like everyone, we have our own specific tastes so if your book is in a genre that we’re not a fan of then you’re less likely to get a highly rated review. However, this does not mean we are only willing to read in this genre, we like to expand our reading horizons and hopefully encourage my readership to do the same.

All the reviews on the site are personal opinions of the reviewer. Submission of a book for review will not guarantee a favourable review!


Submission Guidelines

If you’ve got a book fore review then send it to us, and it will get added to the reading list. It’s that simple.

The catch is that we currently have a rather long reading list, Zealot Script is currently hiring new reviewers in order to speed up this process and we are happy to receive review copies in the meantime.


Posting Reviews Elsewhere


Due to the volume of review requests we receive, we do not automatically post our reviews elsewhere.

However, once your review is live on the site then you are more than welcome to get in touch and we’ll crosspost the review to sites that you request.


Will you read self-published books?

Not only will we read and review them, we prefer them. If you’ve got a publishing contract then you’ll receive less benefit from the publicity of our review and it’s less likely that we’re introducing our readers to a new author. We’d much rather come across an undiscovered gem than just review the mainstream books that everyone else covers.


How to Submit?

Just get in touch!

Email me at or fill out the form below:


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