Review – Kate Jones Thriller Volume 1 – D.V. Berkom

Reviewed by Meera Nair The Kate Jones Thriller Vol. 1 is an omnibus of four short stories revolving around the kickass protagonist, Kate Jones, who is on the run. As a woman who stumped an infamous drug lord, Kate continues to attract unwanted attention from thugs and the likes. She must live a life of... Continue Reading →


Review – Seeds – Chris Mandeville

Chris Mandeville’s post-apocalyptic novel, Seeds, is one of the best stories to read. It has everything a post-apocalyptic story should have. There is the story about how the world fell apart, what it left behind in its wake, and how different areas of people reacted after almost fifty years of having to survive within their... Continue Reading →

Review – Making Money – Terry Pratchett

Making Money is the 36th book in Terry Pratchett's unforgettable Discworld series. As with the majority (though certainly not all) of the series, the action is centered around the city of Ankh-Morpork and features the second appearance of Moist Von Lipwig as the central character. His first appearance being as the newly appointed Postmaster General... Continue Reading →

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