Review – Drayton (The Taker) – Tony Bertauski

Drayton The TakerReviewed by Bryce Grant

Drayton (The Taker) by Tony Bertauski is a novella about a pseudo vampire that’s hoping to right some wrongs. Continue reading


Review – The Awakening (Emerge #1) – Melissa A. Craven

Emege the AwakeningReviewed by Jessica Sherman

The Awakening is the first book of Melissa A. Craven’s Emerge series.

Allie Carmichael is tired of moving around. For as long she can remember, she has had to leave everything behind at a moment’s notice, hopping from country to country. Lonely and frustrated, she arrives in Kelleys Island for what her parents promise is the final time. Allie just wants a normal life and finally has friends and a boyfriend, leading her to hope that maybe, possibly, this is her chance for a real life. But something is coming; a storm has been brewing around the world and inside her. Its effects will forever change her definition of normal and she and her friends follow their destiny. Continue reading

Bancroft Wins Publishing Deal for The Books of Babel

Bancroft, Josiah - Senlin Ascends

by Pete Richmond

Orbit books has announced the acquisition of the rights to Josiah Bancroft’s series, The Books of Babel.

Bancroft’s first in the series, Senlin Ascends, was self published by the author back in February 2013 and has met with excellent reviews.

It tells the story of Thomas Senlin, a mild-mannered headmaster of a small village school, who is drawn to the Tower by scientific curiosity and the grandiose promises of a guidebook. After deciding to honeymoon in the Tower of Babel, he soon loses his new wife in the crowds and must search for her among the madhouses, ballrooms and burlesque theatres of the tower. Continue reading

Margaret Atwood honoured with Peace Prize

Margaret_Atwood_2015Margaret Atwood, author of such celebrated work as The

by Pete Richmond

 Handmaid’s Tale and The Blind Assassin, is no stranger to success. Her previous awards include the Booker Prize, the Nebula Award and the Arthur C Clarke award and she has been awarded with no less than 24 honourary degrees, including from the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard.

The latest award to come her way is nothing less than a Peace Prize, awarded by the German Book Trade. The award saw its first incarnation in 1950 and previous winners have included authors, academics and journalists. Continue reading

Arthur C Clarke Award for The Underground Railroad

by Pete Richmond

Following on from our post just yesterday, announcing The Underground Railroad was in the running for the Booker Prize, Colson Whitehead’s novel has been confirmed as the winner of the 2017 Arthur C Clarke award.

Whitehead’s novel has been collecting accolades and awards across the entire scope of literary world, uniting the experts of the literary and science fiction worlds behind the work. Continue reading

The Underground Railroad makes Booker Prize Longlist

Whitehead, Colson - The Underground RailroadHaving already taken home the 2017 Pulitzer prize, the 2016

by Pete Richmond

National Book Award for Fiction (from the US based National Book Foundation) and being one of six nominees for the Arthur C Clarke Award, The Underground Railroad has been taking the literary world by storm. The latest accolade to come the way of this exciting novel is to be included on the Longlist for the Booker Prize, arguably the premier award in any kind of literature. Continue reading

SplatterPunk Awards Launched

by Pete Richmond

In celebration of an emerging new genre we can announce a new award ceremony, the SplatterPunk awards!

Certainly not to everyone’s tastes, the genre of SplatterPunk is characterised by extreme violence written in gory, graphic detail. Whereas many horror authors will attest to the power of letting the reader’s imagination run wild, pointing them in the right direction without letting a vivid description do the work for them, this is not the case for those proponents of SplatterPunk. Instead the authors revel in bringing every gory detail and bloody mess to the page. Continue reading