2017 Scribe Awards Winners

The Scribe Awards have announced their winners of the 2017 awards. Earlier this year we introduced you to the Scribe awards, the award ceremony that celebrates the work of tie-in writers. Or more specifically: The Scribe Awards acknowledge and celebrate excellence in licensed tie-in writing—novels based on TV shows, movies, and games. Traditionally seen as... Continue Reading →

Controversy Overshadows Dragon Awards

Controversy marred the annual Dragon Awards this year, this gets a little bit convoluted so you'll need to bear with us while we unravel this for you. The issues started with Alison Littlewood, author of The Hidden People. The novel was announced as nominated in the Horror novel category of the Dragon Awards, an excellent... Continue Reading →

A Tribute to Brian Aldiss

Brian Aldiss was an enormous figure in the Science Fiction field and it was with great sadness that we learnt of his passing on 19th of August this year, at the age of 92. Brian was born in Norfolk, East Dereham to be exact, in August 1925, the period between the two great wars that... Continue Reading →

Featured Friday! Layton Green

Layton is a bestselling author who writes across multiple genres, including mystery, thriller, suspense, horror, and fantasy. He is the author of the popular Dominic Grey series, as well as other works of fiction. His novels have been optioned for film, nominated for multiple awards (including a finalist for an International Thriller Writers award), and... Continue Reading →

Genre Focus: Immortality

“Valar Morghulis” by Caleb Sica There is arguably no more concrete climax in fiction than death. As a substantial endpoint towards our inevitable mortality, death is conformably viewed through the eyes of the human race with an overwhelmingly negative connotation. We mortals fear death. As learning beings, our evolutionary control on Earth is our curiosity.... Continue Reading →

Locus Awards

The Locus Science Fiction Foundation has announced winners in each category of the 2017 Locus Awards. Best Science Fiction Novel - Death's End - Cixin Liu Best Fantasy Novel - All the Birds in the Sky - Charlie Jane Anders Best Horror Novel - The Fireman - Joe Hill Best Young Adult Book - Revenger - Alastair Reynolds Best First Novel... Continue Reading →

Featured Friday! Magali A. Fréchette

Magali A. Fréchette writes the darker side of stories. Paranormal, dark fantasy, and mystery/thriller, but always with romance – she’s an extremist and loves both dark and cute things. All her stories are either set in Canada, or in alternate worlds (makes sense since she’s Canadian, right?). She is always writing and enjoys freelancing as... Continue Reading →

Improbable Botany

This is the book plants don't want you to read... There's been a lot of coverage in recent times of the successes and failures of the crowdsourcing model, epitomised by Kickstarter. Well we've found one Kickstarter that looks primed to be a success! From the Kickstarter description: Improbable Botany is a brand-new science fiction anthology about... Continue Reading →

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