Review – The Time Machine – HG Wells

Wells, HG - The Time Machine.jpgThe book is written as a frame narrative. The story starts with our protagonist, referred to only as The Time Traveller telling a group of friends about his time-travel device and explains the concept to them. In order to prove it works he activates the device, and the guests are asked to come a week later when they see The Traveller  walking in all messy and exhausted. There the epic tale of his travels begins.

He travelled to the year 802 701 AD, and there encountered small, humanoid creatures called Eloi. He soon finds out that the creatures are friendly, so he goes roaming around only to discover his time machine missing when he returns. Looking about, he decides that the only place it can be is in the pedestal of the nearby statue. He decides to observe the statue, and during the night he spots another kind of creatures, which he finds out are called Morlocks. Observing them, he deduces that they are nocturnal, and that they live underground. Continue reading


Review – Defiled Earth – Tom GH Adams

Adams, Tom GH - Defiled EarthI was practically drooling when Pete handed me (via email) a book of short horror stories. I am a complete sucker for the things. I remember taking road trips with my family and sneakily reading my brother’s copy of Stephen King’s Skeleton Crew when my mom wasn’t looking (I wasn’t allowed to read scary stories when I was kid because ‘my imagination was too active’ or something). Short horror was my introduction to horror and the love never faded.

Tom GH Adams’s Defiled Earth and Other Tales is a compilation of his short horror stories. A cursed LAGOON, a troubled teen and a lusty monster are just a few of his focal points and each story hits a different area of the horror spectrum. He definitely touches on some interesting subjects. Continue reading

Review – The Ninth Circle – Lincoln Cole


Note from Pete: Lincoln Cole has previously been interviewed for Featured Friday! Check out the interview here. After reading Bryce’s review, of course.

This book was super short. That’s not a complaint, just a fact. I read the whole thing in less than about an hour. (I made popcorn while I was reading, so I’m not sure on the exact time it took me to read.)

Lincoln Cole’s The Ninth Circle is the story of a heart broken man, Arthur Vangeest, fighting a cult and finding a new purpose in life.

That’s really all I can say about the plot because it’s so short. In fact, I think I’d consider this more of a short story than a novel.

Continue reading

Review – Pestilence – Craig A McDonough

mcdonough-craig-pestilenceCraig A. McDonough’s Pestilence: The Infection Begins is a book about a vampiric disease.

Grace Delaney, a member of the United States Center for Disease control is sent to Des Moines, Iowa to begin inoculations of a Baltic Flu vaccine. Things go horribly wrong and she soon finds herself in the midst of a vampiric nightmare. As she tries to escape the hospital and save her own life, she realizes that maybe those that she’s supposed to trust most are the same people who have gotten her into this position.

I’m giving this book a 1/10. I’m saying that up front in case you’re in a hurry and just want to know whether or not you should read this book. I’m not going to say, “read it” or “don’t read it,” but I am going to give the book a 1/10. Continue reading

Review – Breadwinner – Stevie Kopas

Breadwinner is a story about zombies and people that are trying to not be killed by zombies. It is the first installment of the Breadwinner saga by Stevie Kopas.


The story begins with an abrupt zombie outbreak somewhere in Northwest Florida. Veronica, a high school track star, and a handful of other survivors set about trying not to die at the hands of the living dead. Continue reading

Review – Blood Read – Simon Townley

townley-simon-blood-read-publish-and-be-deadBlood Read (Publish And Be Dead), by Simon Townley, is a book about mysterious deaths being investigated by a journalist.

Thomas Capgras, a fresh-out-of-prison investigative journalist, just wants to get his book published and pay his bills (and maybe publish a juicy article in the paper). He soon finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery more serious than anything he’s ever reported on before and he begins doing what he does best: investigating, writing and reporting. His job becomes increasingly more dangerous with every new clue he uncovers, and he’s soon frantically trying to save those around him… and trying to save his career… and trying to get somebody to publish his book… and trying to get laid… and trying to potty train this adorable puppy named Floop (I made up the puppy part and it is not part of the book… or is it? No, it’s not. I don’t think saying there is no puppy named Floop that pees in the house is a spoiler, right?). Continue reading

Review – The Stars Were Right – KM Alexander

Alexander, KM - The Stars Were Right.jpgK.M. Alexander’s The Stars Were Right is a story about people getting murdered and other people trying to figure out why.

After three weeks on trail, caravan master Waldo Bell returns to the fantasy city of Lovat. With nothing on his mind but a shower and dinner, he collects his payment and sets out to do his errands. However, a grisly spree of murders begins the same day and Waldo finds himself a prime suspect. Continue reading