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Magic Systems – Mistborn

My favourite part of any sci-fi or fantasy novel is the world building the author does, and in fantasy novels where magic is considered the norm nothing makes me happier than a well thought out and interesting magic system.  The rules of a worlds magic provide so much for a story, they give you potential foreshadowing of future plot points

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5 Useful Hacks to Market Your Genre Book Successfully

Most indie authors tend to be, well, independent. If you’ve opted to self-publish, that’s probably at least in part because you want full control over your work. When you are your publisher, you’ll never have to deal with, say, a designer trying to package your well-researched historical fantasy with a misleading, sword and sorcery-style cover. Nor will you have to

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Good Show, Sir, Good Show

We’ve spoken before on this site about book covers, where we listed a few of our favourite book covers. Today we shine the spotlight the other way, those covers that are so bad, so very bad, that they become works of art in their own right. We all know the ones, they are more prevalent in Science Fiction and Fantasy

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Superstructure of the Week: Ringworld

by Logan LePage Larry Niven’s Ringworld was published in 1970 and immediately became one of the standards for which to compare other superstructures to. In the story, a gargantuan ring is explored by the long lived Louis Wu, the lucky Teela Brown, the insane Nessus, and the ferocious Speaker-to-Animals. Being a million miles across, with a diameter of 186 million

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