TWG Talks – TWG’s Christmas Book Recommendations!

When you get a message from a fantasy genre fanatic, asking you, TWG, to be a guest blogger on their blog you think….
Yes, I was shocked at first. But then I thought to myself ‘ooooo I could teach him a few things’! You know, get him to the dark side as I have cookies. No, No, NO, I am not sharing my cookies only my fabulous book knowledge!

Seeing as it is very nearly Christmas (although, these books can be read ANY TIME OF THE YEAR), I am about to give you my Christmas book recommendations for my first guesty post!! Excited? You should be! They’re FABULOUS!

Dickenson, Lisa - Mistletoe on 34th Street.jpgMistletoe on 34th Street by Lisa Dickenson
If you like ‘Miracle on 34th Street’, the movie, there is a very high chance you will LOVE this. I did, that is why Lisa’s book is my most favourite Christmas book EVER!


The Christmas Project by Maxine Morrey
I absolutely LOVED this book and I was truly devastated when it had to end. It is a book that kept on giving and warmed me from my tootsies to my nose. Fabulous festive read.


boleyn-darcie-a-very-merry-manhattan-christmasA Very Manhattan Christmas by Darcie Boleyn
Wow, what a book! Darcie Boleyn has written yet another work of art with her Christmas read. There was nothing about this book I didn’t like (except it finishing of course). A must read for every day of the year.



bolouri-joanna-the-most-wonderful-time-of-the-yearThe Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Joanna Bolouri

If you haven’t read any of JB’s books, you need to. Her humour is pig snorting worthy and on point every single time. Yet again, even with a festive novel, Joanna delivers with a cosy, heart-warming read that will have you bent over laughing. What’s not to love?

I could go on FOREVER with my favourite Christmas reads, but I have annoyed myself by only writing about five. They’re in no particular order either.


morgan-sarah-miracle-on-5th-avenueLastly, Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan
I have never known Sarah Morgan to NOT write a fantastic book; this one is no exception. Sarah’s latest treasure chest of words even melted some of my ice queen interior, that’s how cosy and warming her book was. Perfection on paper and yet another book you won’t regret reading.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my selection of Christmas books! I have reviewed all of the above books over on my own blog so feel free to check them out! Hopefully I have persuaded you enough to delve into another genre. If you do, let me know what you think!


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