Review – Breadwinner – Stevie Kopas

Breadwinner is a story about zombies and people that are trying to not be killed by zombies. It is the first installment of the Breadwinner saga by Stevie Kopas.


The story begins with an abrupt zombie outbreak somewhere in Northwest Florida. Veronica, a high school track star, and a handful of other survivors set about trying not to die at the hands of the living dead.

That brief synopsis just about sums up everything there is to be said about this novel: there are countless zombies and there are a few uninfected people and chaos ensues. The story, unfortunately, is a retelling of zombie clichés.

Anarchist thugs, sacrificial psychos, rough n’ tough military veterans. Fast zombies, slow zombies, halves of zombies still trying to wreak havoc. Unexplained outbreak, mass chaos, small band of survivors. The whole thing just felt a little too familiar for me.

I also struggled to really believe the characters most of the time. I got the sense that the characters rarely understood what they were doing and often times didn’t know what their own driving forces were. They were there to fight zombies and be part of a story. Period. It all seemed rather two-dimensional to me. Just a tiny bit more depth would have made the entire story so much richer and immersive. I’m truly hoping to see this develop in the following books because the potential is definitely there.

That being said, the writing itself was not bad. Kopas has a respectable command of language and I enjoyed reading her work. The majority of the story was fast paced, and while I complain about her character development I should also mention that I felt that most of her characters felt close to major breakthroughs. Again, I’m excited to read the sequels.

I didn’t absolutely love the book. The plot was a little boring and the characters were a bit stiff. I’m hoping that that’s all remedied in the sequel, Haven.

Reviewed by Bryce Grant

Side note: I was actually asked to read Haven first, but it’s the second installment of the series. But, after a HUGE FIGHT with my boss, I was allowed to read Breadwinner. (I actually just said, “Can I read Breadwinner first?” and then Pete said, “Okay.” That’s a boring story though, so I lied and said we had a huge fight. A fight would have been far more exciting for everyone. FIGHT ME, PETE!)

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