Review – The Ninth Circle – Lincoln Cole


Note from Pete: Lincoln Cole has previously been interviewed for Featured Friday! Check out the interview here. After reading Bryce’s review, of course.

This book was super short. That’s not a complaint, just a fact. I read the whole thing in less than about an hour. (I made popcorn while I was reading, so I’m not sure on the exact time it took me to read.)

Lincoln Cole’s The Ninth Circle is the story of a heart broken man, Arthur Vangeest, fighting a cult and finding a new purpose in life.

That’s really all I can say about the plot because it’s so short. In fact, I think I’d consider this more of a short story than a novel.

So here’s what’s weird about The Ninth Circle: half of the book is a prologue for a different book but part of the same story. Again, I can’t gracefully maneuver this without dropping some spoilers. I’m just going to simply say that it was a bit weird to read and a little confusing because I didn’t realize that The Ninth Circle had ended and the new book (the prologue is included as an excerpt) had begun. Once I figured out what was happening I enjoyed everything substantially more.

So let’s talk about The Ninth Circle. As I said, it’s a rather short read. I read it as a PDF, and it lasted a whole 17 pages. There wasn’t a lot of room for sustenance, but I didn’t feel like I was reading a tasteless story. Cole does a pretty good job at creating a relatable character in so few pages, and the plot is exciting enough that I just plowed through the book.

10. Raven's PeakThe story is clearly set up to lead into Cole’s Raven’s Peak series. The Ninth Circle includes
what I believe is the prologue of Raven’s Peak, which is the first book of a series. The Ninth Circle elicits questions that aren’t really answered in the story (such as “what is The Ninth Circle?”) but are probably (hopefully) addressed in Raven’s Peak.

I’m not reviewing the prologue portion in this post because it technically belongs to a different novel. I will, however, say that the prologue portion did make me want to read the novel it’s a sample for.

It was a fun quick read, and that’s all there is to it. I’m looking forward to an opportunity to read Raven’s Peak. I enjoyed this short piece of work.

It’s middle of the road for me because, while I enjoyed it, it felt incomplete due to the above-mentioned complications regarding length and content. I’m rather excited for more of Cole’s work and am hoping to get some answers in the Raven’s Peak series.

Reviewed by Bryce Grant

Bryce’s unrelated blurb: This is my first review in two weeks. Pete, how have you not fired me? It’s almost as if you give me a deadline, and I give you a few (metaphorical) hand gestures while backing out of your (metaphorical) office. Your response? “Jolly good, my old chap. Cheerio!” AGH! GET ANGRY, PETE! (Please note that Pete and I actually have a great working relationship. ISN’T THAT RIGHT, PETE?!)

Pete’s unrelated response: I’m just cheerily starting the hiring process for your replacement. That’s right, try me.

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