Review – Droidal – Andy Graham

by Meera NairGraham, Andy - The Lords of Misrule.png

Droidal is a novella preceding the Lords of Misrule series by Andy Graham. The world of superheroes garners much appreciation and is often times portrayed to be squeaky clean. Andy Graham, on the other hand, takes a marvellous behind-the-scenes approach to the life of a superhero. Dizzy’s life is devoid of the glam and wealth that tends to surround superheroes. In fact, his powers were also acquired through an experiment. This short story brings to light just how average a lifestyle a superhero could lead.

While the concept of this short story is incredible, a majority of it didn’t interest me. I felt that it had great potential, but somehow the way it was delivered didn’t hit the mark. The writing style was a bit too choppy. I didn’t really glean much about Lily or Migs, so they didn’t really add value to the story. Dizzy’s power works through the act of blinking, which I felt was a nice touch to the story, almost comic! It tackles themes like bullying, opportunities to abuse power etc. And I was pleasantly surprised to see Dizzy’s integrity shine through. If this novella had been a bit longer, I believe it would have been more satisfying. The ending is good. In my opinion, it uplifts the entire story. I hope to read the first instalment and be a lot more captivated.

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