Review – Lucifer’s Odyssey – Rex Jameson

Reviewed by Meera Nair

Lucipher's Odyssey ImageLucifer Kadingir, a demon prince, is assigned the task of capturing his rogue cousins for having murdered his twin brother. Jehovah, his cousin, is holed up on Earth scheming to cause more trouble for the demon folks. Lucifer is appalled to learn of his intentions and must stop him at any cost. Juggling multiple responsibilities, Lucifer’s journey back to his homeland, Chaos, is a tiresome ordeal and presents to him a new challenge. His family has been overthrown and the kingdom has been usurped by a malicious demon named Eranos. But Lucifer is not about to give up without a fight. He gathers all of his allies in an attempt to tackle the villains. Every battle has some causalities, and he must bear the costs that go hand in hand with being a rebel leader.

I am always a bit apprehensive when reading books by authors I am not familiar with. But a few chapters into this one, I knew it was going to be simply wonderful! The writing style is magical, especially with regards to the outer space journeys. You can’t help but be riveted to the scene that’s playing out in front of you. It is aptly descriptive and makes good use of innuendos, thereby leaving ample to the imagination. The world building is marvellous and unique. I have never read any story that incorporates as many planets and realms. Another impressive aspect of this novel is that there are numerous plot points. No wonder it’s fast paced! The scenes in the Elven Realm were some of my favourites, particularly because we’re introduced to a concept called “globus”, wherein an individual (an elf) has the ability to split themselves into multiple beings or “singulus”. It’s all very captivating.

I felt that some of the scenes were overdone in the sense that they were tad too stretched out. Because of that, I wasn’t fully engrossed at times. Apart from that, I barely have any complaints. The character of Lucifer isn’t as devious as you’d have thought. I, for one, have been influenced by the television series. Contrary to that image, Lucifer in this novel is more grounded and revels in his leadership abilities; he doesn’t shy away from responsibility. In fact, his equation with Jehovah, the cousin who has become corrupt, is quite interesting. My absolute favourite character in this book is Sariel Kadingir, Lucifer’s brother. He doesn’t have a major role, but all of his witticisms and charm makes the entire novel quirkier.

Overall, I really liked Lucifer’s Odyssey by Rex Jameson and I’d recommend it to all those who enjoy a good fantasy. The writing style, world building, plot are all fantastic. There are many plot points covered in the span of 300 odd pages, so it’s a fulfilling novel. Sometimes, your mind may veer off what’s happening, but I can assure you it is worth the read.

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