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Editor: Pete Richmond

Favourite Book: American Gods – Neil Gaiman

The founder of Zealot Script, Pete is a lifelong fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy, starting his journey in his youth with Brian Jacques’ marvelous Redwall series before moving through the classics of Asimov, Herbert and Tolkien.

Pete began Zealot Script to shine the spotlight on other independent authors producing quality work and is delighted to be able to introduce new authors through the Emerging Worlds Ezine.


zealotpete (1)Head Reviewer: Bryce Grant

Favourite Book: Dune – Frank Herbert

Bryce has spent his short time on this planet being generally confused, scared and hungry. Bryce spent his childhood hiding away from real people and making friends with fictional people instead. As a result, he still spends most of his time reading books, avoiding real people and indulging in feasts of pizza and beer.

After short stints of time working in the fields of food service, emergency services and education, Bryce has started to settle into the world of literature. He works as a freelance writer while also working on his own personal projects, hoping to someday be as awesome as the people he reviews the books of.


zealotpetetransbgbigheadStaff Writer: Tripp Bond

Favorite Book: Perelandra – CS Lewis

GC “Tripp” Bond is a freelance writer for Zealot Script. His passion for all things science fiction began like it has for so many others: with Star Wars. Tripp soon after discovered the marvelous world of Narnia, setting a fire deep within him for fantasy.

Tripp’s prior experience involves writing a speech that resulted in a state presidency for the speaker in the Jr. Beta Club (it gained the candidate over 3,000 votes); he has also written numerous essays, and placed third in a creative writing competition. Tripp is an aspiring author and is excited for the opportunity to help promote other independent up-and-comers.



Reviewer: Meera Nair

Favourite Book – Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Contact –

Meera Nair is a dabbler. She has something to do with everything, be it tarot cards, dancing, musical instruments or story writing. A freelance writer who can never get enough of the written word, she is about to embark on her postgraduate studies in the Creative Communications field.

Having discovered the world of Hogwarts, there was no turning back from SF&F. When people say that Fantasy is not “a real genre”, she is just about ready to ship them off to meet Hades. Meera looks forward to all that life has to offer – the silver linings and the not so shiny things. She is a dreamer, who is driven by her ambitions, and believes that, someday, her writing would impact people for the better.

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