Real Life Technology Inspired by Sci-Fi

by Meera Nair

Media representations are meant to reflect life and, sometimes, life itself lends meaning from the various narratives that propel these stories. Even the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres have underlying themes, drawn from real life. So it is only natural if we made our way to some of the technology that we have seen in Science Fiction works. Even though some of these aren’t currently accessible to everyone for various reasons, here are some machines or gadgets right out of a science fiction story: Continue reading


Scribe Awards Nominees


by Pete Richmond

A slightly lesser known award, The Scribe awards recognise the world of “media tie-in” writing. While this field suffers from a lack of the prestige that the pure Science Fiction and Fantasy fields enjoy there is some excellent work in the area and the Scribe awards work to highlight this fact.

If you believe, and you won’t be alone, that most tie-ins are a cynical cash-in on a movie (or game’s) success then I honestly wouldn’t argue with you. However, despite this fact, there are some wonderful writers working in the field and I’d urge you to take the time to read some of the below works. Continue reading

David Gemmell’s Full Collection Coming to Audio

by Pete Richmond

Gollancz have just announced that the world audio rights for David Gemmell’s complete works have been acquired, jointly, by Orion Audio and Hachette Audio.

Gemmell is an outstanding figure in British Fantasy, his first work, Legend, being published back in 1984. He continued to enjoy success with his Drenai series, of which Legend is the first installment, up until 2004 with his final release of the series.  Continue reading

Parsec Nominations Closed

by Pete Richmond

The Parsec Awards have now closed their nomination process and have invited the nominated parties to submit samples of their work for review by the committee.

With over 400 nominees, we don’t envy the committee the workload!

You can see the full list of nominees, along with the details of whether their sample has been received, on the Parsec Site here.

Have a look to see who has been nominated, and if your favourite podcast hasn’t submitted yet, be the dedicated fan and chase them up!

We wish the best of luck to all of this year’s Nominees!

Featured Friday! Ste Sharp

Ste SharpSte Sharp was born in the hottest summer on record. The sun-god was happy and, by rights, Ste should have been sacrificed on the nearest beach, but he escaped. Twenty years later, with a degree in Ecology under one arm and a guitar under the other, Ste travelled the globe in search of tall tales and the perfect chord progression.

After sailing the seas with 16th century pirates, exploring the Brazilian jungle, living through the centuries as an immortal body-swapping alien and spending time with the ghosts of early Britons, Ste wrote Darwin’s Soldiers – his fifth novel.

With two young sons, Ste has roughly four minutes of spare time each day, during which he paints, writes and plays loud guitar in an indie band. Ste needs more hands. Continue reading