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Out This Week! 11th May 2020

14th May 2020 – Not Alone: Revelations – Craig A. Falconer The truth is coming. The end is near… With Earth in chaos and life on New Kerguelen shaken like never before, a discovery on the mysterious world of Sanctuary blows apart humanity’s understanding of just about everything. The consequences are almost unfathomable, the urgency unprecedented, and the revelations of

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Out This Week! 10th February 2020

15th February 2020 – The Death of the Universe – Brandon Q. Morris For many billions of years, humans—having conquered the curse of aging—spread throughout the entire Milky Way. They are able to live all their dreams, but to their great disappointment, no other intelligent species has ever been encountered. Now, humanity itself is on the brink of extinction because

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Out This Week! 27th January 2020

1st February 2020 – Automata – Anthology In 1737, French inventor Jacques de Vaucanson (1709-1782) constructed a life-sized automaton known as the Flute Player, which established him as a pioneer in the field. It was swiftly followed by a Tambourine Player and the Digesting Duck. Vaucanson’s endeavors in matters of industrial automation are largely forgotten, but the ingenious toys he

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