Zealot Promotions

In collaboration with Zealot Script and Emerging Worlds Magazine, we are now able to offer the following promotional packages for authors, publishers and publicists alike.

If you’re interested in any of the possibilities below, drop us an email to work out the details!


Please note that in keeping with the focus of our network, these promotional packages are only available to works of speculative fiction. This includes Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and related genres. We reserve the right to refuse requests from outside of these genres.

Out This Week

Get your book release featured in our ever-popular “Out This Week” article, released every Monday and shared on our social media channels, with a reach in excess of 6000 followers on all platforms.


  • £5 for inclusion in the relevant week’s article.
  • £10 to be the Featured Book, including your cover as the featured image for the article.

Promotional Tweet

Quick and easy. You send us what you’d like tweeted. We tweet it.

This will go out to all of our 5,800+ Twitter followers.

Only £1.

We can arrange a customised package for a series of promotional tweets, or a repeated tweet.

Blog Tour

Coming soon!

We’re in the process of arranging a group of blogs to host our book tours.

If you’re a blogger that would like to be a host on one of our blog tours, please get in touch!

Site Feature Sponsorship

We offer a range of sponsorships, details can be seen on our Patreon page: