Book Club Begins

zealot-script-book-club-northern-lightsIn case you missed the earlier announcement, this month’s book club begins with the first installment of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy; Northern Lights. (Fine, Bryce, fine. The Golden Compass.)

Inspired by his recent announcement of the sequel (equel?), The Book of Dust, we decided it was time for a read, or re-read of this classic trilogy. While the books are pitched as a young adult series I don’t think that it will devalue their impact, I’m more worried about the effect that nostalgia will have on my reading of them!

Myself, Bryce and Tripp are all now armed with our copies of the book and are raring to have a read and bring you our thoughts.

To make it easier for us all to keep pace, and for you all to read along with us, I’ve cut the reading schedule down into four weeks:

1st Week – Chapters 1-6

2nd Week – Chapters 7-12

3rd Week – Chapters 13-18

4th Week – Chapters 19-23

This will mean we’re all reading roughly the same sections at the same time and make it easier to coordinate discussion. Of course, I’m often guilty of having a reading binge and I won’t hold it against you if you race ahead!

The team here at Zealot Script will be convening to gather our thoughts once a week and give you our summaries so far. I’d love to be able to include some of your thoughts, so if you’re reading along then get in touch and we’ll include your input in our posts!

Pete Richmond



If you still haven’t got your copy, then you can get one from Amazon here.

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