Le Guin Honoured

aaalWe are delighted to be able to tell you that Ursula K. Le Guin has been selected to become a member of American Academy of Arts and Literature.

Ursula K. Le Guin is an absolute giant of the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, with the uncommon ability to enjoy great success in both fields. Her Earthsea series is an absolute classic of Young Adult Fantasy while her Hainish Science Fiction series is a masterpiece. Two of the novels in the series, The Left Hand of Darkness and The Dispossessed, won both the Hugo and Nebula awards in their respective years of release, this made Le Guin the first person in history to achieve the double with two books.

The American Academy of Arts and Literature is a prestigious institution that is comprised of only 250 people. New Academy members are elected by the current members and, as they are elected for life, you can imagine what a great honour it is to be chosen to be amongst this select company!

The Academy recently announced their intake for 2017 and it is wonderful to see Le Guin included on the list, she has certainly earned it. Le Guin was one of twelve new members to be announced and you can see the full list on the Academy website here.

It’s also worth reading up on the history of the Academy, a summary of their history can be found on the website here.

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