Luna Press – Call for Papers 2017


by Pete Richmond

Luna Press’ Academic Branch, Academia Lunare, has opened its doors to submissions for 2017 and the topic this year is THE EVOLUTION OF AFRICAN FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION.


Luna Press is a relatively new addition to the UK publishing scene, having been founded in 2015 by Francesca T. Barbini.

The publisher is among the few that specialise in academic writings alongside their Science Fiction and Fantasy collections, making their available catalogue an interesting mix of thought provoking essays and brand new fiction.

It is their collections of Non-Fiction essays that make them stand out from the crowd. Last years open call was entitled Gender Identity and Sexuality in Current Fantasy and Science Fiction and is slated for release in just a few months, on 9th August.

This years submissions are invited to write upon the Evolution of African SFF. For those interested, there’s a word limit of 6000 words, and you’re asked to drop them an email with a brief abstract before beginning to write. Presumably, they want to avoid two contributors writing papers that are too similar!

For our literature academic readers, there’s plenty of time to get something into them, with the closing date for submissions on 30th November.

In case you’re short of ideas, they give you a few points to get you started:

  • The socio-political impact of a particular African country on the development of Fantasy and/or SF.

  • How African religion or culture (from country/countries of your choosing) has affected the development of Fantasy and SF across the African continent.

  • The current consideration given to African Fantasy and SF around the world.

  • The evolution of African Fantasy & SF through different media in the last decade and what it points to.

  • African perceptions of indigenous Fantasy and SF.

  • African people residing outside of the continent: the change of identity in the pursuit of worldwide acceptance. Examples of existing Fantasy and SF reflecting this eventuality.

  • The impact of large scale African historical events on the evolution of Fantasy or SF in and/or outside Africa.

  • Diversity in the evolution of Fantasy and SF within the African continent.

  • Is the West resisting the recent advancement and success of African writers?

  • Is there an issue with gender imbalance or favouritism within the African community of F and SF writers?

  • The treatment of sexual minorities and/or sexuality in African Fantasy and SF


Interested in getting involved?

You can find all this information, and more, on the Academia Lunare page on the Luna Press website.

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