ARTEMIS – Andy Weir’s follow up to the Martian


by Pete Richmond

The Martian by Andy Weir is one of the most well known works in Modern Science Fiction and Crown Publishing have just announced the release date for the sequel!

Met with near universal acclaim, The Martian won Weir the coveted John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer at the 2016 Hugo Awards and was picked up almost immediately after release by 20th Century Fox to be turned into a major film that combined the talents of Actor Matt Damon with legendary director Ridley Scott.

Weir, Andy - The MartianThe film was nominated for seven Oscars and won both the Best Picture and Best Actor awards at the Golden Globes. With that kind of record behind him, it is no surprise that the sequel is hotly anticipated, not just in our Science Fiction circle, but in Hollywood and the wider world!

It’s already been announced that 20th Century Fox have picked up the rights to Artemis so we can expect a follow-up film as well!

Crown Publishing have announced that the sequel will be released on 14th November 2017 and had this to say about the plot of Weir’s upcoming work:

An adrenaline-charged crime caper that features smart, detailed world-building based on real science and the charm that makes Weir’s writing so irresistible, Artemis introduces a protagonist every bit as memorable as The Martian’s Mark Watney: Jasmine Bashara, aka Jazz. Jazz is just another too-smart, directionless twentysomething, chafing at the constraints of her small town and dreaming of a better life.  Except the small town happens to be named Artemis—and it’s the first and only city on the moon.

Life on Artemis is tough if you’re not a rich tourist or an eccentric billionaire, and Jazz is decidedly not a member of either category.  She’s got debts to pay, her job as a porter barely covers the rent, and her budding career as a smuggler isn’t exactly setting her up as a kingpin, much to her disappointment. So when the chance at a life-changing score drops in her lap, Jazz can’t say no, even though she’s sure there’s more to the setup than meets the eye. And indeed, pulling off the perfect crime is just the first of Jazz’s problems as she finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy for control of Artemis itself.

Weir, Andy - Artemis

With backing from Hollywood and expectation building, we really hope that Artemis can live up to the hype!

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