Gollancz Gambles on The Girl King


by Pete Richmond

Gollancz LogoMimi Yu is an author in high demand, despite not yet having a book published.

Already signed up to a two book deal with Bloomsbury, which they had to bid for at an auction, the rights to the UK releases of Yu’s debut works have been snapped up by Gollancz to publish.

The first novel, The Girl King, is set in a fantasy world inspired by North and East Asian history and tells the story of a young girl who loses her claim to her throne.

Senior Editor at Gollancz, Rachel Winterbottom, who was responsible for brokering the deal with Yu’s agency, was effusive in her praise of the work:

When I read the first page of The Girl King, I knew this book was something special. The world-building is incredible and the writing is just divine. I absolutely adored this powerful book from start to heart-wrenching finish. I am so delighted that Mimi Yu has joined the Gollancz family.

The author herself, Mimi Yu, seemed pretty pleased with the deal as well. Who wouldn’t want a two book deal with Gollancz?

Mimi Yu

I couldn’t be more thrilled that The Girl King found a home across the pond with Rachel Winterbottom and Gollancz. I’m truly honoured by their enthusiasm for the project, and I can’t wait to share it with a UK audience.

You might not want to hold your breath for the release, despite Rachel Winterbottom having read an early version, the book is not slated to be released until Early 2019!

Now that we’ve told you how long you’ll need to wait, you can read the blurb that has been released to accompany the work below. You know, just to make that wait more unbearable.

A girl-king without a crown; a boy-wolf without a pack; a lost sister without a family: their paths will clash in this sweeping YA fantasy of privilege, power, and the weight of history.

Princess Lu has long expected to become the dynasty’s first ‘Girl King’ — so she is dismayed when her father announces her betrothal to her cousin Set and names him the next emperor. Lu needs an ally — and an army — if she is to have any hope of reclaiming her birthright.

Nokhai was the lone survivor when his family of wolf shapeshifters was slaughtered by the empire. Nok never learned to shapeshift, until the same night he encounters the fleeing Princess Lu and their fates become ensnared.

Lu’s younger sister Min finds herself Empress to the new Emperor Set. But Min harbours a sinister power, one that could be the key to securing Set’s reign and merging the old magics with the empire’s modern military might. . .

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