Sequel to The Girl With All The Gifts Released


Pete Richmond

Orbit Books has released M. R. Carey’s follow-up to his smash hit The Girl With All the Gifts, The Boy on the Bridge.

Carey’s post-apocalyptic tale, The Girl With All The Gifts, has already been seen in several versions. Originally the tale appeared back in 2013 as Iphigenia In Aulis, a short story that was nominated for an Edgar award. Carey then adapted the story into a novel, while concurrently writing the screenplay. The novel was released in 2014 and the film then followed in 2016.

His follow up work, The Boy on the Bridgereturns to this classically zombie-infested world that he so vividly created. It is, contrary to many people’s expectations before release, a prequel not a sequel and so it takes us back to a time before there is as much information on the plague known. The novel follows a group of soldiers and scientists who are searching for any information about the plague to help with the formation of a cure. Carey, M.R. - The Boy On The Bridge

As with many sequels (or prequels) it seems like the critical reception of this entry in Carey’s series hasn’t been as enthusiastic as for his previous work. We’re not letting that put us off though, and can’t wait to get our hands on this release.

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