Improbable Botany

This is the book plants don’t want you to read…

There’s been a lot of coverage in recent times of the successes and failures of the


Pete Richmond

crowdsourcing model, epitomised by Kickstarter. Well we’ve found one Kickstarter that looks primed to be a success!

From the Kickstarter description:

Improbable Botany is a brand-new science fiction anthology about alien plant conquests, fantastical ecosystems, benevolent dictatorships and techno-utopias.

Improbable Botany is being produced by Wayward, a design collective based in London.

They have collected together 11 exciting authors to contribute a short story to this botanical collection, alongside a talented illustrator to bring it all to life. The full list of authors is:

Ken MacLeod,

Cherith Baldry,

Eric Brown,

Simon Morden,

Adam Roberts,

James Kennedy,

Stephen Palmer,

Justina Robson,

Tricia Sullivan,

Lisa Tuttle,

Rachel Armstrong.

An exciting selection of authors for us all to enjoy!


But what’s exciting us even more, if possible, is just how gorgeous the book itself looks. Check out the picture below:

Improbable Botany

It’s elegant, and the illustrations are beautiful. This is the work of Jonathan Burton, a wonderful and successful illustrator whose  work has been featured by The Folio Society, Penguin Books, BAFTA, HarperCollins, Random House and The New York Times.

Now before you worry about the normal Kickstarter concerns, “will it ever reach its goal?”, “will it ever get released?”, take heart! This book is fully funded, the pledges are over (Sorry if you wanted to get some of those cool pledge rewards) and the book is currently on schedule for an October release!

If you want more information about Improbable Botany, including short bios of all the included authors, then check out their Kickstarter Project Page, and once you see it on the shelves then let us know! We want a copy!

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