Emerging Worlds Patreon Launches

As we at Zealot Script near the inaugural issue of our very own SFF magazine, we have launched our Patreon for our subscribers.


Subscribers will get copies of each quarterly magazine, directly to their email on the day of release.

Currently the Ezine will be distributed exclusively through Patreon, although there are plans to offer individual copies for sale. Don’t worry, our faithful Patron’s will always get the cheapest deal for the magazine so there is no need to shop around!

A basic subscription to the magazine will cost you only $1 a month and as long as you’re subscribed, you’ll get your copy.

There are a whole host of special features in the works for our subscribers to unlock at higher subscription levels, but we’re keeping them under wraps until they’re finalised.

For now, check out our Patreon for more news as we near release date!

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