Apex Magazine launches Print Versions

One of the newer SFF magazines on the scene, Apex magazine has announced that they are launching a print version in the earlier part of next year.

Their plans are for the issues to be print on demand only, and will range from $6 – $8 depending on the size of the issue.

ApexMag99bSubscriptions will be available exclusively to their Patreon subscribers at a price of $10 a month. Interestingly, a dedicated subscriber will end up paying more than buying each issue individually. An unusual choice!

This is a great move for Apex that will hopefully allow them to continue their growth in a competitive market, and also continues the current industry wide trend back towards print copies. There is no doubt that e-books are here to stay, but their dominance of the market seems to have stagnated, with many people preferring a tangible copy.

Apex have noted that the physical copies will run behind the digital release, available one week after publication on Amazon, and two weeks for shipping to subscribers.

Their full announcement, with links to their Patreon can be seen on their website.

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