Emerging Worlds: A Revamp

That’s right, Emerging Worlds is back. Well, sort of back. In a different way.

In line with the modern trends of trigger happy film studio executives, we decided that the nearly-a-year-old single-issue magazine of Emerging Worlds was long overdue for a reboot.

Instead of hearkening back to the olden days of classic Science Fiction magazines, the ones where all the SF greats of the last century got their start, we decided that we would embrace this magical new technology called “the Internet.” While we still love the idea of going to print, and that dream is not dead yet, Emerging Worlds will reemerge on this website as a weekly fiction feature.

Issue #1 of the magazine will remain available as a PDF download in all its glory, here.

The short stories inside will be released as single posts on this site and will be found in the new “Emerging Worlds” category, under Fiction in the menu at the top of the site.

(Or here, for the lazy amongst you.)

For the budding writers in our readership, this brings other exciting news, we will be temporarily reopening for submissions.

Due to the enormous response we had for the magazine, it is likely that we will have to revert to the age-old publisher’s practice of submission windows. This simply prevents the submission pile growing at a faster rate than we can read them.

Please find further information on our Contact page.

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