Avaland: Destiny, Courage and Guardianship Collide – in Cinematic New Fantasy Novel

Avaland embroils readers in the life of a young, seemingly-ordinary village girl, as she is pulled into a magical world where Guardian status awaits. However, first, every bone in her body and every synapse in her mind will be tested through a series of challenges; a quest that will help her discover who she really is. It’s a narrative of high adventure, and one that will grab the attention of any fan of Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.

The literary world may only just be hearing the name Amy Croucher Rose for the first time, but this bold and formidable British author is firmly here to stay – storming onto the scene with a fantasy novel that could easily rival any bestseller or Hollywood movie.

‘Avaland’ fuses its fantastical, quest-driven storyline with a serious reminder of how resilient the human spirit really is. It’s a welcomed addition to the fantasy fiction market.

You can read the synopsis below:

“Welcome to the Coliseum, the most important grounds the world’s magical arts has ever seen, and in which the fiercest Gladiators reside.”

“You will be collecting these medallion’s, one for each of the elements.” The coin spun, changing from platinum to bronze, gold then silver. Each face revealing the words Magnum Opus.

An orphan, her talisman and a cast of extraordinary creatures are brought together in Avaland, a place where nothing is quite as it seems.

Charlotte is wrenched from her ordinary village life and finds herself in a magical world where she needs to learn the necessary skills to graduate to full Guardian status – and discover the special powers she was born with.

Exploring the labyrinth Charlotte is required to complete a set of tasks, from battling with dragons in Gregorie’s Gorge to slaying sirens in Mermaid Cove.

Alongside her new friends, Mandy and Frugal a diverse mix of monsters, fight to restore equilibrium to the kingdom, although some are not quite so enthusiastic about their quest.

Charlotte walks the path of her destiny to discover who she really is.

The author herself had this to say about the novel:

“While my story is totally new and unique, it was written for the same audience who have fallen in love with things like Harry Potter and the myriad of other new-style fantasy novels out there. It’s an adventure that sees our young heroine get tested in more ways than she could ever imagine but, in the process, come out a stronger and more capable person.
It’s actually not all fantasy when you think about it; we all have greatness within us, and it often only manifests after we have overcome adversity. I hope my readers will take inspiration from Charlotte and consider moving out of their own comfort zones…since greatness awaits them.”

Amy Croucher Rose – The Author

Early reviews have been impressive – For example:

“Croucher Rose has given us a sparking debut” – Misanthroposter

Avaland, mystical and compelling., It is a superb fantasy adventure and elegant fairy tale.” – Daniel Casey, Goodreads.

“Beautiful and captivating. A must read for any lovers of fantasy.” – Alex, Breakaway Reviewers.

“Magical . Avaland is a spellbinding fantasy that is so beautifully written that you are completely engrossed in a set of adventures in a magical realm.” – Peter Donnelly, The Reading Desk

Avaland is available now on Amazon.

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