Neukom Literary Arts Awards for Speculative Fiction 2019 Winners Announced

On June 4th, the winners of the latest installment of the Neukom Literary Arts Award were revealed.

The award, which was established by the Computational Science Department at Dartmouth College, was founded in 2018 and features three categories. The Neukom Institute seeks to bestow honours upon any work of Speculative Fiction in its Open Category. Likewise, debut works of Speculative Fiction are recognised in the aptly named Debut Category. Finally, in the Playwriting category, which continues the trend of appropriately named award categories, playwrights that have penned plays that are concerned with the question of being human in a computerised world have the opportunity to win the coveted prize. Each individual winner of the aforementioned categories receives a prize of $5000, as well as being honoured at an event at Dartmouth College, where they will get the opportunity to develop and discuss their work.

This year, the judges included Ann and Jeff Van Der Meer. Veterans of the Speculative Fiction genre, Ann and Jeff have been prolific writers and editors in the genre for decades. Ann and Jeff were joined on the panel with experts from Northern Stage, VoxFest, Dartmouth’s Department of Film and Media Studies, Dartmouth’s Department of Theater and The Civilians theater company.

The winners of the Neukom Literary Arts Awards for Speculative Fiction 2019 are as follows;

Speculative Fiction Open Category

Speculative Fiction Debut Category

Speculative Fiction Playwriting Category

  • Machine Learning by Francisco Mendoza

The Neukom Literary Arts Awards for Speculative Fiction is still in its relative infancy. However,  with an abundance of Speculative fiction available, and the popularity of the genre unwavering, the Dartmouth College award has already proved to be an alluring prize and will undoubtedly become a staple decoration for creatives in the world of Speculative Fiction.

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