Inklings Press Announces Anthology

Tales of Magic & Destiny launches on July 12 – and is now available to pre-order, here.

Tales of Magic & Destiny is the eighth anthology from Inklings Press – and includes stories from Maria Haskins, Tom Jolly, Tara Wood, Rob Edwards, Hall Jameson, Jeanette O’Hagan, Leo McBride, Aaron Emmel, Kerry Buchanan, Brent A Harris, Jaleta Clegg and Ricardo Victoria.

In many ways, it is a return to where it all started for Inklings Press – the first anthology published by the Inklings crew was Tales From The Tavern, a fantasy anthology, and here they are again, delving into dungeons, exploring battlefields, locking swords with warriors and monsters, and weaving spells with sorcerers. 

Seven of the authors featured have appeared in previous Inklings Press anthologies – but they’re also welcoming five new writers to the roster, with Tom Jolly, Tara Wood, Hall Jameson, Aaron Emmel and Kerry Buchanan all making their Inklings debuts. 

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