What The SFF?

Publisher Angry Robot has announced the arrival of their very own Podcast, with the launch of What The SFF?!.

The first episode will be available from 11am tomorrow morning.

Angry Robot describe the show as “a journey through the weird, wonderful worlds of scifi and fantasy” … “they will tackle the hottest topics in genre fiction, discover galaxies heretofore unknown and maybe, just maybe, they’ll work out how to make the perfect cup of tea in space.”

The inaugural episode will feature authors Ada Hoffman and Vylar Kaftan and the discussion will cover their new books, neurodiversity in fiction, and the #OwnVoices movement.

The Podcast market as a whole is becoming ever more saturated, but we’re surprised that Speculative Fiction seems to be lagging behind the overall trend. For a business that deals in creating unconceived new technologies (at least the Science Fiction side), there has been a slow uptake of one of the hottest trends in media.

We’re glad to see Angry Robot putting their podcast out there and adding to the field.

You can check out What The SFF?! on Anchor.FM here, or search for it from tomorrow on your favourite podcast app.

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