BFS Announce Short Story Competition Winner

The British Fantasy Society have announced the winner of their Annual Short Story Competition for 2019.

Steven Poore will be taking home the top prize for his entry, “Encumbrance”.

The top three in the competition will be published in BFS horizons.

A full statement from the competition judge, Allen Ashley, can be read below:

“I am pleased to be able to make an early call this year with my announcement of the results of British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition 2019.

This year I received a healthy crop of entries again. I read every story thoroughly and silently. I read a large percentage of the stories twice, three times or more. After much deliberation, I can now announce that the three winners are:

First place: “Encumbrance” by Steven Poore

Second place: “Vicarious” by Philip Harris

Third place: “Sibling Rivalry” by Amy McNee

The top three stories win prizes and all three of the above stories will appear in a future issue of “BFS Horizons”, so look out for that.

For those of you who didn’t make the top three this year: it was a hard but rewarding task judging all the entries received and many of the stories should find a suitable home elsewhere. Thank you for your patience during the judging process. I wish you all the best of luck in your future writing endeavours,“

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