Out This Week! 9th September 2019

10th September 2019 – Reluctant King – Montana Ash

A demon who would be king and an angel assassin; together they will discover that Purgatory can be both Heaven and Hell.

Demon. Soldier. King. 

As General of the Demon Horde of Purgatory, Abraxis was never supposed to rule. But when a hidden enemy begins to pick off the royals – Brax’s family – one by one, Brax finds himself in the position of King – albeit reluctantly. Assuming the mantel of King of Purgatory is the last thing Brax wants. He is anti-social, rough and consumed with vengeance. But as the last remaining descendant of Cerberus, Brax has no choice. With his overprotective guardian angel by his side, Brax makes a choice that could prove to be the best or worst decision of his life; hiring the beautiful and deadly Sabre.

Assassin. Mercenary. Angel. 

Sabre is an assassin. Stolen as a child and trained in the most brutal assassin den in Purgatory, Sabre excelled in her schooling despite the visceral betrayal to her angelic nature. When the new king hires her to identify and assassinate the threat to the monarchy, Sabre accepts – albeit reluctantly. For truth and lies are two sides of the same coin in Purgatory and Sabre just happens to be the keeper. With the aid of her shapeshifting protégé and zombie non-best friend at her side, Sabre forges a bloody and dangerous path – even as her dead, murderous heart begins to beat again. 

Book One in Reluctant Royals

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