The Road to Nowhere(ville)

New speculative fiction anthology, Nowhereville: Weird Is Other People, explores the weird fictions, from the horrific to the ecstatic, that are inherent in city life and in the ways we love and hate and express, in the ways we interact and cope and deal with one another. It releases December 17, 2019, from Broken Eye Books.

These are stories of the city, of people interacting with the complexities that are other people. These 19 short stories explore a landscape that is not quite fantasy and not quite science fiction, tales blurring the lines between genres. These are the strange stories of the strange decisions we make and the strange ways the city affects us.

And there’s an amazing cast of authors:

Nuzo Onoh | Maura McHugh | P. Djèlí Clark | Evan J. Peterson | S.P. Miskowski | Craig Laurance Gidney | Lynda E. Rucker | Tariro Ndoro | D.A. Xiaolin Spires | Mike Allen | Jeffrey Thomas | Erica L. Satifka | Kathe Koja | Leah Bobet | Ramsey Campbell | Wole Talabi | Stephen Graham Jones | R.B. Lemberg | Cody Goodfellow

gather together enough people and strange things happen. that’s just fact. it’s inevitable really. just try keeping them apart. impossible. they just keep clamoring and fiddling and getting into everything and strangeing up the place. can’t say why. you just learn to accept it. even to thrill at it. the ups, the downs, the everchanging nature of it all.

it’s unpredictable.
it’s exhausting.
and it’s fascinating.

More information can be found at

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