Halloween Horror from Austin Macauley

Publisher Austin Macauley have selected six picks from their catalogue, perfect for this most spooky time of year.

If you’re looking for something seasonal to send chills down your spine, then look no further than the selection below:

Ten Minutes on Mars – Jonathan Fisher

Welcome to a place beyond the borders of the imagination. The signpost up ahead reads Blackest Hole in the Universe. This is Halloween Town, a singularity in Hell. This is a town stuck in time and located on a fault line where the magical, mystical, and supernatural intersect with the dreary and the mundane, creating a confluence of otherworldliness.

Enter, if you will, to a collection of eighteen breathtaking short stories by the author, Jonathan Fisher. He will regale you with tales of blood-curdling terror that will chill you to bone marrow. He will take you to the utmost reaches of the future, and then suddenly, without warning, thrust you back in time to fantasy realm. Witness blazing amazing classic science fiction action.

The first volume of short stories includes Ten Minutes to Mars. “An eclectic collection of thoughtful and imaginative stories. Jonathan’s writing is thoroughly researched, and he creates a rich experience for the reader. The cover looks amazing, very professional and has a great science fiction traditional feel.” — Pat Mills, creator of 2000 AD, the galaxy’s greatest comic.

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Insanitus – William P. Thomson

Make it to resemble a man,
Sans emotions of any kind,
Ignorant of pain and pleasure,
Cold: bereft of heart and soul,
One to kill at my command. – From ‘PANDORA’

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The Evil that Came to Denham – John Ulrich

Denham has been known to house some notable residents such as the late Cilla Black, Sir John Mills, Paul Daniels, Shane Richie and a fair few more to mention.

However, the tiny village sadly has more of a tale to tell than that of housing celebrities, and it is a tale told and known by many people far and wide.

The Evil that Came to Denham is based on the true and gruesome tale of the Denham Massacre which took place in 1870 in Denham Village.

The story is told from the point of view of the author’s own father which adds credibility and believability to an incredible narrative. The macabre subject matter is sensitively treated, and the tale is retold with empathy and feeling for the characters involved.

With suspense, intrigue, and mystery, in addition to real life matters of family and work, The Evil that Came to Denham really does have something for everyone.

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A Being Otherwise – Chris Kassel

Wayne Hrovat is a quintessential cog-in-a-wheel; at forty-one, he has worked as an accountant in the bowels of Ford Motor Company for fifteen years. He is unmarried and lives with his ailing eighty-something mother. He is also mildly schizophrenic.

When downsizing costs him his position, he takes a consulting job at a manufacturing plant in rural Michigan and discovers that the town has a dark history of unsolved murders and lost persons. He soon finds that he is both an outsider and an integral part of the continuing nightmare. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that his damaged psyche has been annexed by an opportunistic demon, and the two mental states joust inside until the climactic ending.

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The Ghost of Glencoe – Alison Hill

The story of the Massacre of Glencoe in 1692 is still widely told around the Highlands of Scotland. The Campbell Dragoons came, asking for shelter from the Glencoe MacDonalds. They were fed and housed for two weeks before they arose one night and butchered their hosts in their beds.

Anna takes her two small sons to a cottage in Glencoe for the summer. She meets Calum, who is dealing with a crazed ex-girlfriend, Helena, but there is something more sinister lurking around Anna’s cottage. Her six-year-old son is talking to ghosts and Anna is having violent dreams, reliving the night of the massacre as Kirstin MacDonald, who died horribly from frostbite, screaming for her missing son, two weeks after the massacre.

With the help of an eccentric local historian and his sidekick, they try to save Anna’s son from Kirstin’s ghost, but things are not what they seem.

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Lithium – Asina C

A hospital sits in the midst of Chernobyl’s abandoned red forest. In what was once a town, now devoid of inhabitants, resides twelve-year-old Zurin and her mother, who exhibits strange behaviour until she goes missing.

Told to never go outside for fear of radiation poisoning, Zurin ventures into the forest, which inexplicably leads her to the hospital and to a past that hasn’t been abandoned.

She uncovers a truth that was not meant to be revealed. They are not the only ones in Pripyat, and it is only a matter of time before someone else decides that she needs to be taken to the hospital.

In the wake of the highly successful TV drama Chernobyl, we believe that many people would find this a gripping read.

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