Apex Book Company Launches Annual Sales Drive

Press Release

Our goal is to raise $3000 in two weeks! But why a sales drive? Well, in years past we have done magazine subscription drives to help fund the upcoming year of Apex Magazine. Those were always fun, fast-paced, and pretty successful. In May, the magazine went on hiatus, so no need for a subscription drive. As a company, we have been focusing our energy on our book projects. So why not have a sales drive which would enable us to make our 2020 releases better than ever?

So what’s coming in 2020? Glad you asked! We have E. Catherine Tobler’s collection of short fiction taking place in her circus universe The Grand Tour, a short novel by Tim Waggoner titled Some Kind of Monster, and a yet to be announced title. Plus, we’re planning a Kickstarter for a new anthology edited by Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner. We want to make sure that the books we have lined up are spectacular, and possibly add a few more. This means finding and paying for amazing cover artists, graphic designers, copy editors, and more!

An extra $3,000 in the bank would go a long way to helping us make the most of 2020. Of course, any sales through the Apex store will go toward our $3,000 goal. Whether you pick up back issues of Apex Magazine (you can still get your hands on the 2018 print editions), a few horror eBooks to give yourself a Halloween scare, or try a release from a new-to-you author—every purchase through the Apex store from October 14th through October 28th will help us reach our goal.

We are offering a couple of special items specific to this drive:

First, mystery boxes! We have offered these in past drives and promotions, and they are always super popular. What’s in our mystery boxes? I can’t tell you that! That would ruin the surprise! But I can give you an idea. For $35, you are guaranteed a hardcover, two paperbacks, and an issue of Apex Magazine. Plus, some mystery boxes may contain more! We have a few Apex T-shirts laying around and some bits and pieces of past swag. Jason will put what his heart desires in each box. Order one of these and give yourself a surprise.

Second, during the drive we are going to offer a bundle of all the books we’ve published in 2019 so farHole in the World by Brian Keene, Do Not Go Quietly edited by Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner, Pimp My Airship by Maurice Broaddus, Coil by Ren Warom, Snow Over Utopia by Rudolfo A. Serna, and Ration by Cody T Luff—for only $65 for the trade paperback editions or $25 for the digital editions. Plus, anyone who orders the 2019 bundle will receive a coupon code for 50% off their next order! This coupon code will be distinct for each customer, can be used one time, and doesn’t expire.We hope that you will support Apex Publications during our sales drive! Pick up a mystery box, the 2019 bundle, or a few other titles. Share the drive on social media. Recommend an Apex book to your friends! Together we can hit our $3,000 goal before October 28th and make 2020 the best year for Apex yet!

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