Out This Week! 28th October 2019

28th October 2019 – Devil’s Dream – Shayne Silvers

The greatest trick the First Vampire ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.

Before the now-infamous Count Dracula ever tasted his first drop of blood, Sorin Ambrogio owned the night…and now he’s back.

Fleeing Europe and starting a new chapter in his diary of death–one not written in blood–Sorin finds new meaning to his life when he is adopted into a Native American tribe in the American Colonies.

A wife and a miracle child give this monster a new beginning.

Until his vampiric past comes back to haunt him, to eradicate him, to burn his name from their histories and to murder anyone who ever met him–especially his family.

Wounded and on the brink of death, Sorin vows to avenge the fallen if the tribe’s Medicine Man–the only other survivor–will put Sorin into a healing slumber.

His sleep was only supposed to be brief–days or weeks.

But Sorin is awoken centuries later by a fledgling Shaman named Nosh–a descendant of the very Medicine Man who first put Sorin to sleep centuries before–who will risk anything to avenge his own murdered tribe from the vampires and other monsters now openly walking the streets of present-day Manhattan.

Sorin steps into a world that has drastically changed from the virginal American Colonies he had come to call home.

When humanity’s only savior is the first man-made devil, the streets of New York City will flow with rivers of blood.

Shade of Devil Book 1

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31st October 2019 – Salvation Lost – Peter F. Hamilton

Humanity rises to meet a powerful alien threat, in this extraordinary sequel to Peter F. Hamilton’s Salvation. This is a high-octane adventure from ‘the most powerful imagination in science fiction’ (Ken Follett).

Fight together – or die alone . . .

In the twenty-third century, humanity is enjoying a comparative utopia. Yet life on Earth is about to change, forever. Feriton Kane’s investigative team has discovered the worst threat ever to face mankind – and we’ve almost no time to fight back. The supposedly benign Olyix plan to harvest humanity, in order to carry us to their god at the end of the universe. And as their agents conclude schemes down on earth, vast warships converge above to gather this cargo.

Some factions push for humanity to flee, to live in hiding amongst the stars – although only a chosen few would make it out in time. But others refuse to break before the storm. As disaster looms, animosities must be set aside to focus on just one goal: wiping this enemy from the face of creation. Even if it means preparing for a future this generation will never see.

Salvation Lost is the second book in the Salvation Sequence by Peter F. Hamilton

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31st October 2019 – Pivot – L.C. Barlow

From the age of seven, Jack Harper is raised by the leader of a mystical cult, Cyrus Harper. Through Cyrus, Jack receives a full education in all usual subjects―economics, literature, mathematics, history―as well as one unique skill useful to a person in Cyrus’s position: assassination. With the help of Roland James, a man incapable of dying, Cyrus hones Jack into the perfect weapon to use against all who oppose him.

It is not long, however, before Jack discovers that Cyrus and Roland are not the only ones living in Cyrus’s mansion. There, too, exists a mysterious creature in the depths of the house with supposed immortal magic. According to Roland, this creature is responsible for all the miraculous things Jack has witnessed throughout her childhood, including Roland’s resurrection. The creature, potent and powerful, only weakens in the presence of Cyrus’s red velvet box―a dark, enchanted tool that grants Cyrus his invincibility and ensures his reign.

Lonely and terrified by her life in the cult, under Cyrus’s neverending watch, Jack desperately pursues the mysterious being. When they finally meet, her world is turned upside down, as he offers her more than she could have ever expected―the possibility of escape and her own secret, magical power.

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