Featured Friday! John Ulrich

John Ulrich was born in Berkshire where he grew up for the first three years of his life before moving with his family to Uxbridge Middlesex. His first passion is music and though he spent many years of his life working and being inside recording studios, he knew that one day he would set out to become an author and write the story of the Denham Murders.

What’s your favourite part of the lifestyle of an Author?

My lifestyle as an author allows me to meet new people which I love to do. I also love doing the radio interviews and book signings that I have had the privilege to do.

What made you start writing?

I was writing songs way before I wrote my first novel. I wrote my first novel because it is based on a true story of my parent’s horrific experiences of living inside a haunted house.

Is there an Author that you consider your inspiration?

I want my novels to be as successful as Stephen King. I hope one day someone compares my work equally to his.

What’s your number one tip for an aspiring Author?

I have never forced myself to write. There are days when things will really flow and other days when a writer may struggle. I personally do more thinking about my stories when I’m away from my laptop, so when it comes time to write, I practically know what it is that needs to be written.

What type of book do you like to read and does this differ from the genre that you prefer to write?

I read the genes that I write about, which is mostly based around horror.

Which one of your characters would you most like to spend time with?

In my first novel, I would like to spend more time with a character called Dave. He has a great sense of humour although at times, he never knew how funny he was.

Which book do you consider a must-read?

The Evil That Came To Denham.

 Written by myself.

What’s been the hardest edit that you’ve had to make? Why did you want to keep the material in?

I had to reduce my novel: The Evil That Came To Denham, by two hundred pages and it wasn’t easy to do because I felt everything that had been written, had a good purpose to be in the novel.

If you could live in a book, which one would it be?

I love to be able to live in my own book because my novel is based in the 1960’s and also 1870, and I would love to be able to go back to both of those times to really experience what life would have been like back then.

If you could pick an Author to write your biography, who would it be?

Stephen King

Is there any conflict between what you want to write and what you think your readers will like?

I write stories that are based on true stories and because of that fact, sometimes what I am writing can be very gory and graphical and I use to worry about that, but I don’t anymore. I believe I will build my own fan based with the sort of material that I am writing.

What effect can a review have on you, if you read them at all? Both the good and the bad.

A Good review always makes me feel happy that I have brought enjoyment to someone who has spent their hard earn money on my novel.

A Bad review makes me more aware of any mistakes I have made and to make sure that I don’t make them again in the future. A bad review is just as important as a good one because it can make you step back from ones work and see where the mistakes were made.

Can you sum up your life story in ten words or less?

A enjoyable never ending journey of creativity

What’s exciting you about your next project?

It’s a follow up to my novel, The Evil That Came To Denham and so it’s going to be very interested to see what happened to all the characters after their horrific experience of living in a haunted house.

And finally, you have one quote to be remembered by, what is it?

He Never Gave Up

Our thanks to John for answering our questions.

If you want to find our more about him and his work then you can check out his author bio page at AustinMacauley Publishing:

Or you can order The Evil That Came to Denham on Amazon here:

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