Parvus Press Lands Underwood

Parvus Press has announced the acquisition of Michael R. Underwood’s forthcoming novel Annihilation Aria, a powerful and exuberant space opera brimming with adventure, humor, and heart.

Slated for release on the 5th May 2020, is a space opera (sometimes in a literal sense as the title might suggest) in a true Science Fantasy tradition covering a galactic scale and according to Underwood includes “choral battle-magic, giant swords that shoot lightning, immense space turtles with cities on their backs, twenty-foot tall monster-tyrants, and more.”

Underwood also stated that one of the ideas he was excited about addressing was “the story of a married couple having adventures long after most stories roll credits and say Happily Ever After.”

Parvus Press has credited their publisher Colin Coyle as the driving force behind the addition of Underwood to their growing stable of authors.

“I’ve been after Mike to work with us for three years and if he was going to make us wait for a book, this is the book. Annihilation Aria isn’t just a space opera, it’s a Mike Underwood-style social examination via the lens of badass space adventures and characters I don’t know how I’ve lived without for so long.”

Colin Coyle – Publisher, Parvus Press

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