Out This Week! 25th November 2019

25th November 2019 – Devil’s Cry – Shayne Silvers

The greatest trick the First Vampire ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.

Before the now-infamous Count Dracula ever tasted his first drop of blood, Sorin Ambrogio owned the night…and now he’s back.
Sorin and Nosh’s quest for vengeance against the vampire overlords expands to include the savage gangs of werewolves and covens of witches plaguing New York City.

But Sorin soon learns that many of his old acquaintances from hundreds of years ago still walk the earth, and rumors are beginning to spread that Sorin has returned to slaughter them all for their ancient crimes.
In the hundreds of years since his slumber, the monsters of the world have been slowly accumulating power and broadening their territories.
The real question is whether it will be enough to stop the world’s most notorious vampire.

Especially when he learns that not everyone is who they say they are–that enemies might be friends, and friends might be enemies.

That’s the funny thing about dreams–anything can happen in them, and you won’t discover the truth until you wake up.

Shade of Devil Book 2

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