Out This Week! 2nd December 2019

3rd December 2019 – The Temple of Forgotten Secrets – C.J. Archer

Glancia is plunged into perilous times, but it’s the events in her village that worry Josie more. A terrible fire puts the lives of those she loves at risk and threatens to shatter the uneasy peace.

Josie and the captain investigate the cause of the blaze, but powerful enemies try to stop them. As the dangers grow more intense, so do the feelings between Josie and the captain.

With nobles circling and plotting, new arrivals in the village cause a stir, for they recognize one of the servants. Those who’ve lost their memories are suddenly more hopeful of learning about their pasts, but this new discovery only throws up more questions than answers. Answers the captain will do anything to discover.

After The Rift Book 4

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3rd December 2019 – The Council of Elders – D.K. Holmberg

The Shadow Queen begins her attack. Can the Council learn their purpose in time?

The four members of the Council begin to work together as they search for the fifth. Finding that person might be the only way to stop the Shadow Queen. They’ll need all the help they can get, but the remaining Elders have disappeared, leaving only those they’ve chosen to replace them.

As the Shadow Queen’s nearly unstoppable attackers begin to move, the four new members of the Council are all that stand between her gaining the power she’s sought for centuries. Each of them has a roll to play, but the game is not what they have thought. Anticipating what she might do requires finding one who knows her mind, but that way opens each to her machinations.

Enemies must put aside differences. Beliefs are shattered. And sacrifices must be made.

The thrilling conclusion to the Elder Stones Saga!

Book 8 in The Elder Stones Saga

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3rd December 2019 – Cypher – Rich Larson

The gripping sequel to Rich Larson’s beautiful and gut-wrenching debut Annex about two outsiders surviving, fighting back, and finding family at the end of the world.

The invasion is over, but not all the aliens are gone. As the outside world learns what happened to the city, Violet and Bo struggle to keep their ally Gloom hidden from prying eyes.

Those in power believe he is the key to unlocking the invaders’ technology, and will stop at nothing to capture him.

All the while, the invasion’s survivors are being drawn to a mysterious anomaly that might be their destruction — or their salvation from an even greater threat.

The Violet Wars Book Eight

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8th December 2019 – Black Labyrinth – JN Chaney and Christopher Hopper

A ship no one escapes from. A mission too impossible to execute.

Rocked by the death of a critical team member and haunted by the sudden disappearance of another, Magnus and Awen fight to rally the remaining Gladio Umbra in the wake of their raid on Worru. They’re forced to solicit support from some of the galaxy’s most unlikely sources.

But when Moldark’s forces show up unexpectedly, Magnus and Awen are torn between rescuing a missing gladia and protecting the larger mission.

New revelations about the Paragon surface, forcing the fledgling rebel resistance to find a way onto Moldark’s command ship, the notorious super dreadnaught Black Labyrinth.

The mission will be the Gladio Umbra’s most challenging yet, pushing the team to the breaking point.

Read the fifth installment of the best-selling series fans are calling a breath of fresh air. If you’re a fan of Galaxy’s Edge, Star Wars, or Renegade Star, you’ll love this epic scifi thrill ride.

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