Welcome to Spooky Season – DMD Launches Night Frights

Dark Moon Digest, a quarterly magazine from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, have launched Night Frights magazine, an annual release aimed at Young Adults.

In this inaugural edition of our annual young adult magazine, monsters take revenge on a school board who cancels Halloween; a kid and some teens try to get a balloon out of a tree; witches recruit a little girl; a father will get a babysitter by any means necessary; a teenager is harassed by a strange creature only she can see; a housesitter gets an unexpected guest; a unique meme goes viral with malicious intent; a couple at a drive-in experience something sinister; a familiar fairy tale gets reimagined; and a boy claims to have met a mummy. With fiction by Madison McSweeney, Nick Manzolillo, Donna J.W. Munro, Priya Sridhar, Brenna Harvey, Amadin Ogbewe, Christopher R. Muscato, Angela Sylvaine, Joti Bilku and Jeff Strand, and an exclusive interview with Adam Cesare.

Regular subscribers to Dark Moon Digest will get this for free, and if not there are a host of different ways to get your hands on this release. Just check out the announcement on their website here.

The full list of short stories included in issue #1 of Night Frights is below:

“The Year They Cancelled Halloween” by Madison McSweeney

“When Helium Isn’t Enough” by Nick Manzolillo

“Wandering Witches of Triven Glen” by Donna J.W. Munro

“The Last-Minute Babysitter” by Priya Sridhar

“Mr. Staples” by Brenna Harvey

“Jason’s Crib” by Amadin Ogbewe

“The Selfish Meme” by Christopher R. Muscato

“We Don’t Need Another Hero” by Angela Sylvaine

“Two Mouths” by Joti Bilkhu

“The Mummy’s Bite” by Jeff Strand

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