Apex Clears Out Catalogue

Apex Book Company have announced that they are retiring a whopping 42 titles from their catalogue, which only totals 71 books!

Three reasons have been cited for the mass release:

  • The “long-tail” sales are not significant enough to support the amount of work put into keeping the books in print
  • Some of the titles have been with Apex for a long time, giving the rights back to the authors allows them to refresh, relaunch and resell the books elsewhere
  • Apex is rebranding itself as ” a boutique publisher of short fiction and short novels”

Before the titles disappear into the sunset, potentially forever, Apex are offering one last chance to purchase any of the books with a final sale of 40% off any of the retiring titles, but only until the end of January!

You can read more about the decision on the Apex Book Company website here.

The full list of books reaching the end of the line is below:

  • Aetherchrist (Kirk Jones)
  • An Occupation of Angels (Lavie Tidhar)
  • Appalachian Undead (Eugene Johnson & Jason Sizemore)
  • Beautiful Sorrows (Mercedes M. Yardley)
  • Breaking the World (Jerry Gordon)
  • Close Your Eyes (Paul Jessup)
  • Coil (Ren Warom)
  • Dark Faith: Invocations (Maurice Broaddus & Jerry Gordon)
  • Desper Hollow (Elizabeth Massey)
  • first communions (Geoffrey Girard)
  • Freeze/Thaw (Chris Bucholz)
  • Glitch Rain (Alex Livingston)
  • Harlan County Horrors (Mari Adkins)
  • HebrewPunk (Lavie Tidhar)
  • I Can Transform You (Maurice Broaddus)
  • I Remember the Future (Michael A. Burstein)
  • Kentucky Kaiju (Shawn Pryor, Tressina Bowling, Justin Stewart)
  • Last Dragon (J.M. McDermott)
  • Like Death (Tim Waggoner)
  • Machine (Jennifer Pelland)
  • Mars Girls (Mary Turzillo)
  • Maze (J.M. McDermott)
  • Midnight (Mari Adkins)
  • Nexhuman (Francesco Verso)
  • Orgy of Souls (Wrath James White & Maurice Broaddus)
  • Plow the Bones (Dee Warrick)
  • Ration (Cody T. Luff)
  • Seasons of Insanity (Gillian Ainsworth and Frank Humboldt)
  • Severance (Chris Bucholz)—Sticking around until February
  • Shine Your Light On Me (Lee Thompson)
  • Sing Me Your Stars (Damien Angelica Walters)
  • Snow Over Utopia (Rudolfo Serna)
  • Some Kind of Monster (Tim Waggoner)
  • Starve Better (Nick Mamatas)
  • Stay Crazy (Erica Satifka)
  • To Each Their Darkness (Gary A. Braunbeck)
  • Ugly as Sin (James Newman)
  • Undead (Katerina Klemer & Bianca Spriggs)
  • Unwelcome Bodies (Jennifer Pelland)
  • What Makes You Die (Tom Piccirilli)
  • Yours to Tell (Steve Rasnic Tem & Melanie Tem)

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