An Orwellian Reality?

by Sam Honour In 1949, George Orwell gave the world a nightmarish vision of a dystopian future in his novel, 1984. The story of Winston Smith, an Outer Party member working for the Ministry of Truth, served as a stark warning about government endorsed manipulation and control by the privileged elite. While the year itself... Continue Reading →

Genre Focus: SolarPunk

by Caleb Sica What is SolarPunk? Well, the SolarPunks’ Tumblr said it best. “Solarpunk is a movement in speculative fiction, art, fashion and activism that seeks to answer and embody the question “what does a sustainable civilization look like, and how can we get there?” The aesthetics of solarpunk merge the practical with the beautiful,... Continue Reading →

Tripp’s Top Ten Fantasy Worlds

Fantasy worlds, they have the power to transport us to new universes, fulfilling our most wild and vivid dreams of escapism. These locales offer us singular and exciting experiences by which we may traverse our dull lives and explore lands of grand adventure. We all have dreamed of living in our own cozy hobbit-hole in... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompts: Good or Bad for the Writer’s Soul?

by Courtney Vice  As a writer, I have noticed a trend surging online amongst the writing community: writing prompts. These prompts are generally short and—if they’re good—creative starters to writing. Essentially, they’re a cure for writer’s block. An example could be an opening line, a scenario, or even dialogue from a character. Entire subreddits are... Continue Reading →

The Protagonist Problem

The protagonist is a key to any successful story, whether book, film or TV show. What type of protagonist are we going to have? The young hero, slowly realising his powers? The grizzled veteran on one last mission? The outsider discovering a new land? The choice of protagonist is crucial to a story's success as... Continue Reading →

Why Are Androids not a Thing Yet?

by Courtney Vice If you’ve recently read any science fiction novel, you may have noticed how there seems to be two distinctive classes of robots: androids and, well, robots. Androids look human to the point where they can blend perfectly with society. In fact, they don’t even look like robots. They’re practically humans, but with... Continue Reading →

Don’t Write for Others; Write for Yourself

by Rachel Summers Whether you’re writing an opinion piece about government policy, discussing societal and cultural influencers, or even constructing a legal or scientific argument, it can be difficult to decide who to write for. Are you writing for yourself, or are you writing for your readers? Is there a universal answer? It might seem... Continue Reading →

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