Top Five Noteworthy Fantasy Weapons

Powerful weapons have been a staple in fantasies and myths since the dawn of language. In fact, they have become so prevalent that we expect to see them in any action movie or book that has even a hint of the preternatural. These armaments are often extremely powerful, being imbued with magical or cosmic forces,... Continue Reading →

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Here’s Why

by Courtney Vice Horror novels: either you love ‘em or you hate ‘em. There’s something personal about our fears; in a way, its exposing our vulnerabilities out for everyone to see, which isn’t the most pleasurable experience for everyone. Some people might just not like the unrealistic aspect of horror novels. After all, there’s no... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Inventions Predicted by Sci-Fi Authors

by Tripp Bond Geostationary Communications Satellites: In a magazine called Wireless World, famous science fiction author Sir Arthur C. Clarke proposed that one day there would be geosynchronous satellites created for communications purposes. At the time, it was not taken seriously but almost 20 years later it became a reality. [Pete's note: check out the original... Continue Reading →

Tale as Old As Time: How Fantasy Has Changed

by Courtney Vice We all remember our first fantasy experience. Whether you were binge-reading Tolkien nestled in between the bookshelves at your local library or was fascinated with the mythical world of Harry Potter when you first saw Daniel Radcliffe’s glasses clad face on the big screen, fantasy had a way of slipping a little... Continue Reading →

Visits from the Past

Slated to release on 20th June, 2017 is Theodora Goss’ The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter. A Hungarian-American writer and poet, Theodora Goss is popularly known for her works such as The Thorn and the Blossom, In the Forest of Forgetting and Interfictions. Her writing is characterized by elements of magical realism and fantasy.... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Fictional Religions

Religions, faiths, cults, and spiritualities (or lack thereof) shape and define our worldviews, personalities, and cultures. If you have ever been to a far off, exotic country then you know that religion is the most important factor shaping its culture. It affects what a culture eats, their music, their architecture, their calendar, and their views... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Sci-fi/Fantasy Conlangs

Constructed languages, or conlangs as they’re called, are a staple in many science fiction and fantasy works. They add a depth to otherwise shallow worlds and a new level of complexity to already deep settings. The three things that ultimately relate the uniqueness of a culture are its religion(s) (or lack thereof), its art, and... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Deities in Fantasy Literature

*Disclaimer: this list is in no particular order. Eru Ilúvatar - Eru is the supreme deity in the Middle Earth mythos. Featured most prominently in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion, Eru is the deity of Creation, the father of the Children (Elves and Men), and king over all lesser “deities” (Ainur). Most interesting fact: Eru is an... Continue Reading →

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