Review – The Infernal Aether – Peter Oxley

by Meera Nair

Oxley, Peter - The Infernal AetherWhen an act of bravado lands Augustus and Maxwell Potts into a war between two realms, they hadn’t realized how fast their normal lives would spiral out of reach. They begin to be hounded by monstrosities from Hell.  Add to that Andras, a seemingly invincible evil incarnate, who is bent on making puppets out of Gus and Maxwell. Excited by the weak nature of humanity, Andras decides to make Earth the new Hell, by opening a portal into the Aether (i.e. the spirit realm). Together with N’yotsu and Kate, the brothers embark on a long journey that takes them all around London and the British countryside, in an attempt to defeat Andras and his posse.  Continue reading


Review — Liefdom: A Tale from Perilisc by Jesse Teller

Liefdom ImagePrinces, fairies, wizards, demons—Liefdom brings you into a world where the lands of men, the fae, and Hell clash in an epic story about love, darkness, violence, and destiny.

The day the prince is born in a scene of blood and pain, the first warrior fairy in centuries is born outside of Liefdom, the fairy capital. Shunned by his city, Gentry Mandrake battles with his inherent love for his homeland and his people and the violent destiny he sees in his future to protect his child, the prince.

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Review – The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon

by Meera Nair

Shannon, Samantha - The Song RisingThank you Bloomsbury India for sending me a copy of this book for review. 

The Song Rising is the third instalment in Samantha Shannon’s dystopian fiction series, The Bone Season. True to its namesake, the novel chronicles the rising of hope, as the Mime Order attempts to evade the growing power of Scion (a corrupt governmental organization that seeks to rid the world of unnaturals). The new threat that the Mime Order faces makes it impossible for clairvoyants to roam freely in London. In addition to facing off the malicious Hildred Vance, Paige Mahoney has lured a hoard of other enemies. Nashira Sargas, the Emim, Terebell Sheratan are all waiting for her to slip up. Even some of the clairvoyants seem to think her unfit to be the Underqueen. With so many people vying for her failure, Paige is thrust into a ceaseless conundrum. Continue reading

Review – The Stars Were Right – KM Alexander

Alexander, KM - The Stars Were Right.jpgK.M. Alexander’s The Stars Were Right is a story about people getting murdered and other people trying to figure out why.

After three weeks on trail, caravan master Waldo Bell returns to the fantasy city of Lovat. With nothing on his mind but a shower and dinner, he collects his payment and sets out to do his errands. However, a grisly spree of murders begins the same day and Waldo finds himself a prime suspect. Continue reading

Review – The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman

gaiman-neil-the-ocean-at-the-end-of-the-laneLet me begin with an “I love Neil Gaiman.” I want to be completely honest about the potential bias (though I don’t think it exists here). Gaiman’s writing is everything I love when reading. Now, let’s move on.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane is a story of childhood reminiscence. Our unnamed protagonist and narrator finds himself in his childhood hometown for a funeral. In an attempt to get some peace of mind and fresh air, he drives himself to the neighborhood where his childhood home no longer exists but Hempstock Farm, at the end of the lane, still does.

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Review – Abuse of Power – Brian W. Foster

foster-brian-w-abuse-of-powerAbuse of Power is a fantasy novella introducing Brian W. Foster’s Rise of Mages series. It tells the tale of the meeting of August Asher and Alaina. August is a duke’s son and heir to his duchy, Alaina is a fugitive accused of being a mage.

Set in a realm referred to as the three kingdoms, magic is outlawed and the crime of being a mage is punishable by death. The argument for this is that it constitutes a threat to the rule of the nobles. Continue reading