Review – The Time Machine – HG Wells

Wells, HG - The Time Machine.jpgThe book is written as a frame narrative. The story starts with our protagonist, referred to only as The Time Traveller telling a group of friends about his time-travel device and explains the concept to them. In order to prove it works he activates the device, and the guests are asked to come a week later when they see The Traveller  walking in all messy and exhausted. There the epic tale of his travels begins.

He travelled to the year 802 701 AD, and there encountered small, humanoid creatures called Eloi. He soon finds out that the creatures are friendly, so he goes roaming around only to discover his time machine missing when he returns. Looking about, he decides that the only place it can be is in the pedestal of the nearby statue. He decides to observe the statue, and during the night he spots another kind of creatures, which he finds out are called Morlocks. Observing them, he deduces that they are nocturnal, and that they live underground. Continue reading


Review – Basically Frightened – Vasily Pugh

pugh-vasily-basically-frightenedPost-apocalyptic novels seem to be all the rage at the moment and it’s difficult to find one that offers something different. With that in mind, I was pleasantly surprised when reading Basically Frightened.

Pugh’s dystopian novel tells the story of Buck, a man in his thirties, who is caught in a traditionally apocalyptic world. The effects of a nightmarish plague have wrought havoc on the human population leaving one in a thousand to survive. Buck spends the initial outbreak of the plague in his apartment, and the story joins him as he is deciding that it is time to move on and search for other survivors.

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Review – Ball Machine – Simon Townley

townley-simon-ball-machineBall Machine, by Simon Townley, is the story of an incredibly athletic android. Rosa
Rodriguez, both sexy and smart, challenges a group of secluded male geniuses to build her a robot for a tennis partner and the boys find it hard to say no to her feminine charm. They rise to the challenge and Vitas Rodriguez, the most advanced android to-date, is born. He is programmed with an unmatched passion for sports and soon enters the world of tennis, football (soccer for the Americans) and seduction.

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Review – Seeds – Chris Mandeville

mandeville-chris-seedsChris Mandeville’s post-apocalyptic novel, Seeds, is one of the best stories to read. It has everything a post-apocalyptic story should have. There is the story about how the world fell apart, what it left behind in its wake, and how different areas of people reacted after almost fifty years of having to survive within their means. This brings us to our heroes, our villains, and Mandeville’s ability to write about the human mind.            Continue reading