Review — Escape from Eden by Rachel McClellan

Escape From Eden... A sequel to a book that I couldn’t be bothered to look up, due to the disappointment and anger this one caused in me. I hated every second of it, and on multiple occasions I wished to burn the book, but it was on my phone, so you know… Another drawn-out, chewed-up... Continue Reading →


Review – Blood Read – Simon Townley

Blood Read (Publish And Be Dead), by Simon Townley, is a book about mysterious deaths being investigated by a journalist. Thomas Capgras, a fresh-out-of-prison investigative journalist, just wants to get his book published and pay his bills (and maybe publish a juicy article in the paper). He soon finds himself in the middle of a... Continue Reading →

Review – Bad Spirits – DV Berkom

Bad Spirits is the opening novella in DV Berkom's Kate Jones thriller series. The eponymous heroine, Kate, has run away from her former paramour Roberto Salazar. The catch is that Salazar is the leader of a Mexican drug cartel, and Kate has run off with a large bag full of his money. As you'd expect... Continue Reading →

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