Review — Escape from Eden by Rachel McClellan

Escape From Eden ImageEscape From Eden… A sequel to a book that I couldn’t be bothered to look up, due to the disappointment and anger this one caused in me. I hated every second of it, and on multiple occasions I wished to burn the book, but it was on my phone, so you know…

Another drawn-out, chewed-up idea about a strong woman who defies the odds and rises like a phoenix from the ashes of the lives that she destroyed, but somehow managed to convince herself and everyone around that she is not at fault. I’d understand one book, but a three-part series? Come on Rachel, you’re better than this. Continue reading


Review – Blood Read – Simon Townley

townley-simon-blood-read-publish-and-be-deadBlood Read (Publish And Be Dead), by Simon Townley, is a book about mysterious deaths being investigated by a journalist.

Thomas Capgras, a fresh-out-of-prison investigative journalist, just wants to get his book published and pay his bills (and maybe publish a juicy article in the paper). He soon finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery more serious than anything he’s ever reported on before and he begins doing what he does best: investigating, writing and reporting. His job becomes increasingly more dangerous with every new clue he uncovers, and he’s soon frantically trying to save those around him… and trying to save his career… and trying to get somebody to publish his book… and trying to get laid… and trying to potty train this adorable puppy named Floop (I made up the puppy part and it is not part of the book… or is it? No, it’s not. I don’t think saying there is no puppy named Floop that pees in the house is a spoiler, right?). Continue reading

Review – Cage Life – Miles Watson

watson-miles-cage-lifeI loved this book. I just wanted to get that out at the start. It’s rare that I find a book, especially an indie one, that grips me like this.


Cage Life tells the story of Mickey Watts, a cage fighter whose family have always had ties to the Mafia in New York. Mickey had avoided becoming a part of “The Life” until one night, when standing up for his cousin, he hits the wrong man. The son of a Mafia boss. Continue reading

Review – Bad Spirits – DV Berkom

berkom-dv-bad-spiritsBad Spirits is the opening novella in DV Berkom’s Kate Jones thriller series. The eponymous heroine, Kate, has run away from her former paramour Roberto Salazar. The catch is that Salazar is the leader of a Mexican drug cartel, and Kate has run off with a large bag full of his money.

As you’d expect from this genre, Bad Spirits is action packed. You’ll find gun fights, explosions, night time raids, and daring escapes aplenty and DV Berkom keeps the action moving at a rapid pace.  Continue reading