Are You Afraid of the Dark? Here’s Why

by Courtney Vice

Horror novels: either you love ‘em or you hate ‘em. There’s something personal about our fears; in a way, its exposing our vulnerabilities out for everyone to see, which isn’t the most pleasurable experience for everyone. Some people might just not like the unrealistic aspect of horror novels. After all, there’s no such thing as sharp fanged, eight foot tall beasts who wait at the end of your bed at night, right? …Right? Continue reading


Tale as Old As Time: How Fantasy Has Changed

by Courtney Vice

We all remember our first fantasy experience. Whether you were binge-reading Tolkien nestled in between the bookshelves at your local library or was fascinated with the mythical world of Harry Potter when you first saw Daniel Radcliffe’s glasses clad face on the big screen, fantasy had a way of slipping a little magic and mystique into our lives without us even realizing. As someone who grew up wanting to be an elf-wizard-barbarian hybrid, I know just how much the fantasy genre can impact one’s life. However, what we rarely think about is how our own magic-less society affects fantasy.  Yes, humble Nord, you influenced these mythical worlds without even realizing it just as they influenced you. Continue reading

The Importance of Fictional Religions

Religions, faiths, cults, and spiritualities (or lack thereof) shape and define our worldviews, personalities, and cultures. If you have ever been to a far off, exotic country then you know that religion is the most important factor shaping its culture. It affects what a culture eats, their music, their architecture, their calendar, and their views on the collectivism/individualism debate. As such, the religions of fictional peoples greatly influence their cultures. To understand a people’s religion is to understand their culture: be they Vikings or Elves, Chinese or Dothraki, real or fictional. Obviously, fantasy literature is sprawling with fictional religions. Understanding them may be the key to aiding you to a better, more intimate acquaintance with the ins and outs of their cultures. Continue reading

New Inkitt Competition Launched

Banner1.pngOur regular readers will already know what a fan I am of Inkitt, you can check out some earlier posts that highlight what they have to offer herehere and here. A great publisher that opens up the process of reading through submitted manuscripts to the public, a clever use of crowdsourcing in the internet age.

Why am I such a fan? Because anyone can sign up and read the submitted work for free! And I’m all for providing free and new reading material!

The popularity of the book on Inkitt determines which books win their publishing contract. They’re fairly generous in their royalties too, at 25% compared to traditional publishing’s rate of around 10%.

This is a system that works well for both author and publisher, with Inkitt already knowing that their new book will have a level of success in the market as it’s already received a good reception.

But this post is not just to tell you about Inkitt but to announce their newest competition. They’ve once again opened their doors to submissions, with the prize being one of their sought after publishing contracts.

I really don’t see the downside to applying to this, should you be unsuccessful then you’ve gained valuable readers and feedback on your work, should you succeed then the wild life of the mildly successful ebook author awaits! I joke, but we all want to get published one way or another and this seems like a great way to do it.

You can find out more about the competition and submit your work here. It’s a no-lose situation and even I will be entering the competition this time around!

Article by Pete Richmond


6 More Sci-Fi Picks from Inkitt

Following on from our previous post on the hidden gems of Inkitt we are delighted to present another collection of six novels.

These novels have already been gathering some traction with the audience over at Inkitt why not take a look at them yourself?

Have you already read any of these? As always, we love to hear what our readers think so let us know in the comments or by email! Continue reading

10 New Sci-Fi eBooks Available for Free!

For those of you that haven’t yet heard of them, I’d like to introduce Inkitt.

I’ll let Alex from Inkitt introduce the concept:

Inkitt’s mission is to help rising talent get discovered: as readers read novels on the Inkitt website (or their iOS app), the Inkitt algorithm analyzes reading behavior to predict future bestsellers. If readers love it, Inkitt publishes it! To date Inkitt has published 5 books with 6 more on the way.
 For those regular readers of this site, you’ll know how well this aligns with Zealot Script’s goal of introducing new authors to our readers.

Continue reading