New Inkitt Competition Launched

Banner1.pngOur regular readers will already know what a fan I am of Inkitt, you can check out some earlier posts that highlight what they have to offer herehere and here. A great publisher that opens up the process of reading through submitted manuscripts to the public, a clever use of crowdsourcing in the internet age.

Why am I such a fan? Because anyone can sign up and read the submitted work for free! And I’m all for providing free and new reading material!

The popularity of the book on Inkitt determines which books win their publishing contract. They’re fairly generous in their royalties too, at 25% compared to traditional publishing’s rate of around 10%.

This is a system that works well for both author and publisher, with Inkitt already knowing that their new book will have a level of success in the market as it’s already received a good reception.

But this post is not just to tell you about Inkitt but to announce their newest competition. They’ve once again opened their doors to submissions, with the prize being one of their sought after publishing contracts.

I really don’t see the downside to applying to this, should you be unsuccessful then you’ve gained valuable readers and feedback on your work, should you succeed then the wild life of the mildly successful ebook author awaits! I joke, but we all want to get published one way or another and this seems like a great way to do it.

You can find out more about the competition and submit your work here. It’s a no-lose situation and even I will be entering the competition this time around!

Article by Pete Richmond


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